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August 28, 2013
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ms  mahou shounen App Asanae Hoon by Shanaharuto ms  mahou shounen App Asanae Hoon by Shanaharuto

Name: Asanae Hoon
Age: (starting)16 / (present) 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: Korean

Personality: On the outside, Asanae appears to be a very busy, on the go person. He’s very energetic and athletic. Whenever you see him, he’s always doing some kind of yoga or training. Asanae is not very social in class unless spoken to or with a friend. He sometimes thinks before he acts as long as he is not in a tight spot. Asanae is not big on sharing, though when he sees someone is hurt he tries to comfort them no matter who it is.

Biography: Asanae was born into a happy middle class family of just his mom and dad. As he grew up he spent time mostly with his mom, and he was involved in multiple activities. When Asanae was 6, a boy, Rikiya , moved into the house next door, he was very girly and had an interest in gymnastics too, leading to the eventually becoming friends. In school Asanae was a top student with A's and B's. He did not really hang out with other kids besides his childhood friend, seeing as making new friends is a bit hard for him. Away from academics, Asanae competed in gymnastics competitions not only for the golds and medals but for the fun of it all. His mother was a gymnast, though she did other sports years before she met Asanae's father. This consisted of activities like ice skating, ballet, but the ones she loved the most was being a gymnast and performing at shows (preferably circus shows). She was still pretty much into all of that stuff when Asanae was born. She taught him things she knew how to do and told him about how much fun she had. Her tales and watching her shows, inspired Asanae to follow in her footsteps.

Unfortunately, his mother past away when he was only 4 1/2 years old. She had lent Asanae's father her car since his car broke down. Since she didn't have a car, she was left with no choice but to walk to pick Asanae up from day care. The forecast had predicted a storm coming soon so she rushed not wanting the both of them to be caught up in it. As she walked across the street, some young teens were doing an illegal race on the street and ended up hitting her before she even made it there. Asanae was at the daycare until 9pm with one of the daycare instructors. He looked out into the rain waiting for his mom. Eventually, his dad came and got him telling him what happened to his beloved wife and his dear mother. After that, his father spent more time working and Asanae only saw him when he needed to be picked up from school. His father basically avoided looking at him and talked to him through walls or on the phone. It was more along the lines of his father being unable to look at him straight, seeing as he is the spitting image of his mother. He still loved him of course....It just wasn't easy to look a face that resembles the one you lost.

The ribbon. The ribbon that Asanae wears a lot was given to him by his mom They were outside playing on a trampoline. That day was one he'd never forget. She used to wear it when she performed and now Asanae wears it when he performs as a good luck charm. More towards the present, his life was bright despite him not interacting with many people. He was mostly busy doing stuff that dealt more with his future/goals in life. He thought about his mother nonstop and sat infront of her memorial shrine, telling her about his day or asking how he should deal with some problems. One special day, Asanae was walking through the city coming from practice at a ballet studio. He was going to a park to perform for some children a little show. He didn't notice the small hedgehog fall into his bag. Not until he got home did he notice the hedgehog. Upon seeing the small animal, Asanae began to spazz, this spazzing annoyed the hedgehog, who began to rant and rave. Asanae stopped and stared at the hedgehog, who stared back. The boys suddenly laughed, the tension being broken. The hedgehog introduced himself and was then known as Takuga a smoking hedgehog. Though they laughed here and there, things were complicated. Asanae was not understanding why he was chosen to be a Super Soldier with the color Eggplant....and the fact that his form looked like a girl. They argued over and over about it and in the end Takuga won and Asanae had to suck it up.


Magical Name: Super Soldier Dazzlin' Eggplant

Color: Eggplant

Quote: "100% Pure Eggplant!"

Heart Gem: A round eggplant colored gem on his magenta ribbon. His mother gave him this ribbon and it is where his heart is because it is the last memento of her, his deceased mother.

☆ Takuga, Hedgehog, ♂

→Angelus Bio: Takuga, like other angelus, was in his space pod flying through space, but eventually that pod slowed down and drifted. For 6 long years Takuga stared into space and tried to contact others of his kind, when he fell to earth.
→Encounter: Takuga had wandered from his landing place to the city, not really knowing how; he got stuck on a building. Here, on this building pigeons began to mess with him, Takuga fell and by major luck landed in the bag of a boy who was walking by. When the boy had opened his bag, he first began to spazz at seeing Takuga. Getting annoyed, Takuga, started ranting about stuff, this broke the tension with the boy who stopped and laughed.
→Present: Takuga is always getting on his partner's, now known as Asanae's, nerves and in his business. On top of that Takuga is constantly making pervy jokes that Asanae does not find funny. Though, that aside, they are really close and Asanae shares all his secrets with Takuga, regardless of their arguments he loves his company.

Weapon: Keytar
✄→Name: Guitarra
✄→Description: Dazzlin' Eggplant's Guitarra is an eggplant colored keytar, unique as its user. The top of Guitarra is like a key, then following down; there is your typical black and white keyboard. Below, following the keyboard, the keytar ends with two large empty loops, topped with a rounded, empty, spear tip like shape.

Attack: Musical Note blasts
✄→Name: Broken Dirty Lyrics
✄→Description: It is a soundwave of multiple broken damaged lyric notes. When he plays the keys the notes come out looking like fogged up cracked glass. When they hit the opponent/enemy they burst into glass shards.

:new: Def: Clef Shield
✄→Name: D-Fence
✄→Description: It is a huge clef shield that is formed when Asanae slashes his Guitarra. It is purple and clear. When it is broken by someone or Asanae himself, it becomes fogged up and bursts into glass shards similar to his Broken Dirty Lyrics attack.



*He dyes his hair a lot. His true hair color is black.

*His birthday is December 27. -Same day as his creator-


Rikiya: Asanae's partner in training and childhood friend.

✄Character Themes:
Main theme: Portamento- Mami Kawada
Dazzlin' Eggplant Theme: My Story- Angela
Battle Theme: Joint-Mami Kawada

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