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May 19, 2013
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Mng App: Hitachi, Karasuma by Shanaharuto Mng App: Hitachi, Karasuma by Shanaharuto

★Name: Hitachi, Karasuma
★Age: 16
★Height: 5'5ft
★Weight: 123lb
★Year: Sophomore
★Level : Intermediate
+Water | Watching cartoons | Playing around | Being praised | Summer time | Swimming | Eating soup | Pocky | Waterbugs | Keeping secrets | Sleeping for long hours | His Alpacha pushie (made by his nanny) | His gloves | Eating in general | Wearing goggles

-Storms | Trains | Early mornings | Awkward conversations | Awkward Silence | People staring at him | Being mistaken for a loud mouthed girl | Being referred to as a child | Standing in crowds | Billboards (afraid one might fall on him) | Rude people | People who intentionally try to start conflict with him | Playing games that involve dares (even though he's not afraid to do them) | Having his hair tugged at or played with

Warmth: He's very kind and easy going with others.

Reasoning: He is quite the fast learner and often uses his creative level of thinking to help him with situations.

Emotions Stability: His emotions are very stable. Well of course there's the emotion of happiness he throws out to everyone which in turn makes him look like a freak |D

Dominance: He prefers to be stubborn but tends to be submissive and avoid conflict when he feels necessary.

Sensitivity: His feelings are easy to be hurt but he won't show it. If he does, his response will be waterworks or an insulting comment before storming off.

Vigilance: He is very trustorthy and loyal. He'll never go back on his word. He's trusting towards others but often hold deep suspicions for them on whatever "off" thing or flaw he finds about them.

Privateness: He keeps all his secrets to himself but loves to hear other's secrets. He doesn't use it against them though it's just another secret he can hold to himself. Basically, he loves collecting secrets for the sole purpose of holding them.

Apprehension: It's easy for him to feel guilt. For example, knocking down someone's paper by accident would make him feel guilty and he'd most likely get all dramatic about it.

Openness to change: He prefers to stick to the way things are. However if the change is good then there's not much of a problem there.

Perfectionism: He is well disciplined and hardly gets into trouble.

Bravery: He is no chicken. He will charge into anything with no problem. x u x;;

Tension: HE HATES WAITING....which results in him being quite impatient. He whines a lot if he has to wait for any reason necessary.

★History: As a kid, Karasama was very adventurous, often spending his time outside. He never really had much to do inside that little old house he'd lived in with his nanny. Whenever he went out, he would always go to a public pool and stare at the water. He just had an obssession with water. The lifeguard would tell him every single time that he couldn't enter without a parent or guardian. All he could really do was stare at it from behind the big silver gate. He'd begged his nanny to take him but she was too old and couldn't leave the house much unless it was necessary. When he had gotten a little older and made a few friends, he begged them to ask their parents to take him with them to the beach or any place he could swim. After a million times of begging, he finally touched the water for the first time........and he sank right in. He most definitely could NOT swim.

When he turned 13 years old, he had become such a good swimmer through the constant "false" drowning he'd endured over the years. He came home from school one day, to see his nanny watching a sports channel. The first thing his eyes laid on was the swimming competition going on between 2 top swimmers. A rush of excitement went through him as he saw one swimmer doing a butterfly stroke. (Of course he didn't know exactly what it was until the announcer said it) His nanny smiled at him and made a comment about his love for the water. It was somewhat along the lines of "If you love water and swimming in it, why not become like the professionals on tv and make use of your hobby." The idea sat in his head for days, weeks, and months. He went day in and day out thinking about. He'd zone out in class and become easily distracted when in a conversation with his friends.

One evening after staying at school for some activites, he walked by the school news board and saw something about swimming competitions among the sports column. The answer to his long course of thinking was final, he was going to do it. He wrote down all the information and joined them. He practiced everyday building his speed and arm strength before the competition dates had arrived. Not long after, the days arrived and he pushed himself to his top potential, something he never saw himself able to do when he'd practiced alone. He ranked high in all competitions. The news made it's way back to his school quickly and he was praised by most students.with the exception of the trolls or people who didn't care A few weeks after things went back to normal. He was just little old Karasama who loved water. He didn't mind it but he didn't particular want to be just that anymore. He wanted to be up in the air with the top swimmers but that was simply impossible until the coach of the swim team came to him one day. She had never spoken to him before but she brought him a letter from a well-known swimming school. Apparently, she'd heard the news about him and sent an application to the school without his knowledge. He'd met all the qualifications and was accepted. He literally screamed his butt off and with that he was ready to begin his dreams.

★Additional Info:
-He's afraid of the dark

- Whines a lot.

- Has never cursed in his life and is often pressured into doing so

- His gloves are gift from a close friend.

- Gained fear of riding trains because of creepy people

- He gained his fear of billboards through movies

- Secretly loves to hog attention

- Procrastinates a bit

- He never mentions his parents when talking about his life as they didn't play a big part in it. He still loves them though.

-[link] (Voice)

(-I often mix up his name and put Karasama rather than Karasuma so please disregard it...:iconotlplz:
Karasuma (c) *Shanaharuto

Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope I did this app right. TT u TT
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